Darn those socks!

All puns aside- your socks look pretty haggard. They look like a used tire. They are discolored and worn, they have achieved a

art, artwork, and artshow info

I have been busily chugging away on art for a show coming up on May 2nd at Screen Ink in Lincoln NE. I am working on a series

spring is springing

follow me on Instagram- I’m posting a ton of stuff all the time. Fun. I’m posting sketches and weird things. Work-


ha, get it? yeah. It’s midpoint through October 2013 and I’ve been busy, too busy to accomplish any goals! I need

more stuff for sale, painting, gearing up to print

I’ve been adding a ton of stuff to the Etsy site- mainly Suggested Drawings, but also a bunch of EYESKULL™ merch, and

tacocat, a video and other new stuff

I came up with this cute lil’ guy last year, and it’s taken me a long time to produce some art. Well, the time is

eyeskull pro model

The Freestyle 50 skateboard art show is coming up this Friday- 50 skateboards, 50 artists! It’s going to be amazing. htt

Ben Swift at Screen Ink – Aug 5

I will be showing some new work starting Friday night, at Screen Ink. It’s a duo show with “eyeskull.” Sound

eyeskull Rolito

Here’s a little guy I made out of a Toy2R Rolito… spray paint, acrylic and ink on 3.5 inch Rolito

eyeskull – Big Head Nade

Made from a Jamungo Nade and a toy I got out of a vending machine… Spray paint and liquid acrylic.

eyeskull & pet monster

test the exerpt thing here

art show photos

Photos of the art!

First Friday : Swift X eyeskull – Nov. 6

Ben Swift X Eyeskull


moving the studio, not much to report. got a camera so now I can make tutorials. or at least video ones. feel like I havenR

Eyeskull Skateboards

Eyeskull Skateboards  – Regular and TEAM designs spray enamel and acrylic on skateboard 2009 Two custom Eyeskull Skateb

eyeskull team deck

Well, here we go: eyeskull skateboards “team” deck, in all its living glory. Now we just need to make a screen for