art, artwork, and artshow info

I have been busily chugging away on art for a show coming up on May 2nd at Screen Ink in Lincoln NE. I am working on a series of watercolor illustrations based on sketches from the past few months. I like having fun and bright colors and dumb concepts, so many of these drawings are fun, bright, and/or dumb. It’s great! If you have followed my work over the past 5 years or so, you should kind of know what to kind of expect. If not, you are going to have fun too! Here’s a image that is pretty indicative of the direction of this show… spoiler alert: that do-nut guy is barfing a rainbow while throwing the devil horns. Other amazing artwork will include cute animals, insects, and weird people. Of course.


I’m working on my 1%ers series too, I am having fun with it and should be able to release something soon. I goes like this: create concepts, create designs, created drawings, create prints, create paintings, create artifacts, have an art show. In between I might be able to release some prints or something. I feel like this will be compelling stuff and hope to secure gallery space later in the year. Here’s a W.I.P shot of a couple of pieces, or what may turn out to be studies. I’m not sure yet.


My art collaboration with William Susman is going to be great. He contacted me about creating some unique isometric art for an upcoming album release- and it looks like it’s going to be really cool! Contemporary ensemble music fans : pay attention- this is cool stuff~


In other news, Eyeskull Sticker Campaign is gearing up to release some kick-ass socks. Yeah, socks. We’ve teamed up with SockGuy to make some super comfy 100% Merino Wool performance socks. These socks are dreamy, breathe great, and since they are wool- they don’t hold stank. yeah bro, these socks will keep you ridin’ all day long.


And in Killigans news- we went to Denver a couple weeks ago, and I created two of my favorite dumb posters for the trip, one for Grand Island, and one for Denver. Here’s the print version of the GI show:


PUNK FUCKING ROCK DUDE – nothing says rock like a kitten face.

On websites: I am not unlike many people who become entrapped by insecurity when it comes to my “web presence” – am I updating enough? – is my website cool enough? – should I get a new theme? Etc… Ultimately though, I feel like the content is still #1. Organization and presentation are the keys here. Unfortunately – having a website that is ?? years old on a blog platform with ?? number of re-designs and reorganizations, things get crazy. This website has been used pretty much since 1996 in various forms, and it shows. I need to update my content! And so do you! Get updating people!

Life is hard, try to do good.

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