Darn those socks!

All puns aside- your socks look pretty haggard. They look like a used tire. They are discolored and worn, they have achieved a state of semi-transparency like that of lace. They probably stink a bit, but I can’t tell from here. What I can tell you is that your poor tired feet would be much more comfortable in a brand new pair of high-quality, made-in-the-usa, performance wool, SockGuy built, eyeskull socks. That’s right. Socks are in, and they are great. These are great all-around sport/athletic/looking good on your longboard/hanging out at the mall type socks. You owe it to yourself to pamper your poor feet with some comfy goodness.


Each sock features eyeskull on the right ankle, and ms. eyeskull on the left, so you’re gonna look good from any angle. The bottom reminds you “eyeskull loves you.” – our motto since 2006. Eyeskull is about love and fun and mischief and travel and randomness and art and stuff. If you happen to be a cyclist, good on ya, but it’s not necessary to kick it in these bad booties. These are literally the highest quality merino wool performance socks your money can buy, and at the low low price of fifteen bones a pair. That’s only $7.50 per foot. That’s only a little more than the pathetically low hourly minimum wage. 2 hours of work for hundreds of hours of comfort? I say “go for it!”

get them here: http://eyeskull.bigcartel.com/product/eyeskull-socks

Also- if you are riding a bike, for fun or commuting or exercise or whatever, you should join up with the National Bike Challenge, a nation-wide cycling encouragement event that runs from May 1 through September I think. Find out more here: https://nationalbikechallenge.org  If you want to join up, and want to join a team, why not join TEAM EYESKULL? We are a loose-knit group of cyclists based in Lincoln NE. The past 2 years our team of casual (and not so casual) riders has brought home the 3rd place trophy for teams in Lincoln. I don’t mean to brag, but that is pretty much way better than winning a million Super Bowls. Ha. Here’s our team page: https://nationalbikechallenge.org/team/5168


In other news- my art show opening with Dan Kroll went exceedingly well last Friday night. Good crowd, great people, decent sales! Big ups to Screen Ink for supporting the arts and putting on these shows all the time! Here’s some photos from the show:

IMG_2678 IMG_2679 IMG_2680 IMG_2681 IMG_2682 IMG_2683 IMG_2689 IMG_2692 IMG_2677

There are still some pieces left and the show is up all month, so stop in at Screen Ink for more details!

Art shows are a real mind bender for me, I tend to not know what people are going to like. I am pleasantly surprised over and over by what people react to, and wonder why they don’t seem to like the things I think they would like. It’s a lesson in removing judgement and just putting it all out there. I hung 23 pieces, and about half of them sold throughout the night. Some pieces that I didn’t feel that great about sold first, and some things I felt were real winners didn’t get a second look. Go figure. I feel like I just need to keep up this shotgun blast approach to making art. I mean, I really can’t stop myself.

Also- this Thursday marks my last day at Swanson Russell, and it’s a bittersweet end to a fun job here. I’m going to miss my coworkers and the creative community and support that we have had. I am ready for new and different things, so it has to be. I am trying to avoid the trap of over-thinking this thing, I am ready to just start being what I am supposed to be. Make stuff, be happy.

I’m happy to be working on several commissioned works right now, and will be able to kick off my new job with some actual clients on board. This makes everything seem a little less haphazard and silly. AND I have several personal projects in the hopper, all with different styles and different intent. Eyeskull, TACOCAT, my kids’ book ideas, the 1%ers project, Popped Arts, and more- all will be in production this year. I am super stoked to be starting my “new life” as an “artist”.


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