more stuff for sale, painting, gearing up to print

I’ve been adding a ton of stuff to the Etsy site- mainly Suggested Drawings, but also a bunch of EYESKULL™ merch, and some new TACOCAT™ artwork. So go check that out if you like art or stuff. What’s not to like? ALSO right for the minute I have a special code for free shipping in the USA. I’m not shipping internationally right now, sorry about that.

ben swift art store on etsy, go there now – free shipping code : BLACKFRY

gimmee all your monies.

I made a new big painting called HOT DOG TIME:

I am gearing up to print some stuff – excited to print as I have not in … well, many months at least. Possibly 6 months or more. I honestly can’t remember. But this new stuff will be good and I’m excited. some kids stuff, some other stuff, some words or something. Posters? Shoot- it’s not even winter, but it’s coming and it’s good to be plannin’!

For those of you who wonder what it must be like to be my sketchbook, here’s a squeak peek :

OK, that’s all for now, signing off,