Sept ’14 update

The F-BOMB show is over, and I must thank everyone who bought a piece! THANK YOU! Of course, I still have a ton of the “

Available Art

Had a few unsold pieces from my show at Screen Ink Gallery. I thought I’d post them here – in case you are interes

The Big Announcement

“Sometimes you have to stop over-thinking things, bite the bullet, and figure it out as you go.” – Tim Ferri

new year new gear

got the studio finished and ready to roll. so that’s good. I’ve got a lot of space to use. I finished up some Taco


ha, get it? yeah. It’s midpoint through October 2013 and I’ve been busy, too busy to accomplish any goals! I need

McWib™, werewolves, et al

I finished up the McWib™ painting the other night. I think it turned out great. It has just enough good ideas and bad ideas

bad ink, LNK stuff, inspirations

I didn’t have a great first experience with Jacquards “Professional Quality” Screen Printing Ink – I t

etsy, sex on tap, and more

Hi how are you? #1. I finally made a store on I don’t know why it took me so long, it just did, and now I have

Ben Swift at Screen Ink – Aug 5

I will be showing some new work starting Friday night, at Screen Ink. It’s a duo show with “eyeskull.” Sound

new Suggested Drawings

after a couple month hiatus, I am back to creating Suggested Drawings… so feel free to send me a suggestion… http:

A Cross on Jesus

Monkey-Squid Radio Host at a Typewriter

Black Sabbath’s Wizard

a Mulleted Red-Neck on a Unicorn Near Saturn

Two lost socks finding each other in the dryer

Two Robots Sharing Ice-Cream