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I didn’t have a great first experience with Jacquards “Professional Quality” Screen Printing Ink – I thought it would would be smooth as butter and delicious to print with. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG. This stuff came out of the can thicker than wood glue, only less easy to spread. It did not like to go through the screen, thickened up almost instantly, and was a bitch to clean up. Maybe I got a bad can? Maybe I need to massage it? Maybe I need to quit complaining? This new stuff has a different consistency altogether, almost taffy-like in it’s stringiness. I don’t know what I’ll think in a month, but I’ve taken the first step by adding a ton of water and setting it to the side. I’ll be using my trusty 5 year old bucket of Versatex Super Opaque White ink for now. Tried and true, it’s lasted forever, and even when it gets thick, a bit of water and stirring make it easy to print with.

Nemesis or misunderstood friend? Only time will tell.


I love Lincoln, I really do, so I made a design to put on stuff that I like. LNK is the local airport abbreviation, like OMA is Omaha and LAX is Los Angeles, but LNK is home. I have only been to the airport a few times, but who cares, it’s not about the freaking airpoort! I love Lincoln!
If you want a patch, a stencil painting, or other stuff with the LNK logo I designed, let me know. I am going to be doing some art prints and maybe shirts too. I’ll put this stuff on Etsy too- so you can grab it.

And finally- in other news- I was able to meet and talk to a designer/illustrator/nice guy named Tad Carpenter who was brought to Lincoln to speak by our local chapter of Ad Fed. Awesome. Tad gave a talk at a luncheon and then hung around in the evening for some socializing. I was very inspired by his tale of artist turned designer turned author, and it has helped me think about turning a plan around some book ideas I’ve had. Tad has done lots of GigPosters for clients like Conan Obrien and Radiohead (no big deal) through his Vahalla Studios work, and design for lots of different clients like Target and Macy’s (pretty ok clients) through his own Tad Carpenter design entity. He’s done several books for kids that are fun, and I picked some up for xmas gifts. Anyway, nice to be inspired, I also bought his print – Live to Make, Make to Live, which will hang on my wall and inspire me further. Yay! Here are some of his cool designs:

Sad Santa pics Kid's Books Yeah Burger

TACOCATâ„¢ and the rest of the Suggested Drawings and other funny illustrations are on my Etsy, so go buy them. Please!?
Until next time – your pal,