Welcome to 2013 friends! We made it. No apocalypse. Now. SO… since we made it to the other side of 2012, let’s start to talkin’ about the futurez again. BUT FIRST: here are the final two big word paintings that I made in 2012; literally finishing them both on New Years Eve!

So now that we have that out of the way… uh. I plan to paint more and print more and make more stuff this year. Just like every year. I like that. I will also breathe more ride my bike more and eat more and sleep more and all of that stuff. I like the fact that I am in a place in my life where making art is pretty much just “gonna happen”. But – with that said – I am setting myself up for a couple of personal challenges that I have not undertaken before.

  1.  Make a book. I have never made a book. I have had a lot of ideas and never moved on them. Heck, I’ve never made a zine, which is kind of like the in-between thing. Should be easy right? It’s just art on pages with a little bit of a story. I should be able to do that once a week. But I haven’t been able to so far, so I’m just gonna try to do one this year.
  2. Run a marathon. Yeah, that’s called “performance art”! right? Well, I’m signed up and getting into a running class and all that. My awesome kick-ass wife and I are going to do it. I have done some other running, but this will easily double my longest run ever, and possibly kill me. Like making books, I should probably be able to do this once a week, but I’m just gonna start with the one.
  3. Be more awesome at drums. I play drums in a band that is well-liked around the world in a niche music style with a kind of amorphous title that may be “folk-rock” or “folk-punk” “celtic-rock” “pub-rock” or maybe even “world music” to some. We’re called the Killigans and we make music that makes you want to dance, rage, drink, sing, or cry, depending on the song and sometimes within the same song. It’s great. Check it out : the Killigans. Our biggest brag to date, and I don’t want to drop name, but one of our songs was licensed to a Major Motion Picture, called Robin Hood, by Russell Crowe. I’m not kidding.

I have no real interest in sharing more about myself or my home life than that. I am really a pretty introverted and private person in the real life that I think that I think I am in real life. I wish I was a cartoonist like KC GREEN or James Kochalka or XKCD or Drew or the girl who does those great cartoons about history that I can’t remember the name of… or really anyone who does that stuff, wait. SHIT>

4. BE A CARTOONIST. I’ll give that a shot! 🙂 maybe? once I can figure out how to try to do that! 🙂