McWib™, werewolves, et al

I finished up the McWib™ painting the other night. I think it turned out great. It has just enough good ideas and bad ideas and chaos to make it appealing. To me. I was really happy with how the pickles turned out, and the sauce. The sauce is what makes it. And the subliminal messages. And the liminal messages.

painting of a McWib

Also – I started thinking about a story about werewolves and how it’s not an actual wolf thing, but some kind of hairy curse that is embarrassing and has no cure, so people with this problem essentially are hermits during their “period”. The main character eventually figures out that there are more people like him through various clues and stumbles into a group that uses Craigslist ads to arrange camping trips and stuff. They are normal humans, they don’t shape-shift and get feral, they just become weirdly hairy and get real self concious about it. Kind of like in Teen Wolf I guess. Meh.

I’m struggling with actually making a web comic, hence, no web comic. I feel like it will happen in time. I am drawing a lot of characters and have ideas.