Tugboat Art Show Preview

The show is hung and things are good. I am thankful to Peggy Gomez, Bryan Klopping, and Nolan Tredway for helping me to curate and hang the show so well! There are 12 pieces in total, meaning that 4 more pieces didn’t make the cut and got stuck in a closet. I’m OK with that.

I have the pieces set up as a couple of 2×2 grids, and as single pieces. The two 4’x4′ pieces hang next to each other on the huge wall. It looks so nice. I took a timelapse video using my iphone, but the app ate it, so there are no¬† process pics. My bad. Stupid technology! Ha. Enjoy these preview shots.

4x4 planet

artist I may be, but art Photographer I am not.

Prices are reasonable- Let me know if you are interested in something.