WTDT update

Just wanted to update the art show info with Mr. Peter Worth’s rad poster. I like it.

The show is this coming Friday, February 4th. Sounds like there will be a lot of other good shows for First Friday, so put on your walking boots. Temps should be in the 40s, so no big deal right?

We’ll be hanging the show Tuesday night, and I’m stoked. I’ve spent the last week framing paintings. This is the first time that I’ve built frames for my canvas paintings. It’s both fun and annoying and boring and exciting and frustrating at the same time.The end results look so nice, I can’t complain.

I’m not entirely sure how much space I will have to work with, so I may have to get creative with my display options. I think I will have 17 paintings ready to go. Here’s a funny picture of me in the studio with the two largest paintings, just before finishing them.

Some people think I look mad. I think I just look like how I look some of the time. The light was in my eyes. 🙂