december 2014

Today is the first day of December 2014. A lot has happened this year, as I suspect, has happened every year. Much will happen

Oct ’14 update

It is with a kind of “didn’t sleep last night but wanted to and still want to” sort of head that I am confro

end of June update

I’m going to start working on some more regular updates, bi-weekly I suppose. I also want to start what Ryana has called

lousy Smarch weather again

It’s (still) cold outside. Moving on, I’ve been having fun making art; inside. It’s been a month since I pos

new killigans video and more

I’m so happy to post the newest Killigans video that I just finished creating: we shot this back in May of this year, wh


ha, get it? yeah. It’s midpoint through October 2013 and I’ve been busy, too busy to accomplish any goals! I need

lousy SMARCH weather

The spring was long and cold and I’m ready for summer. How’s about you? What’s happened in the past …

round things

I just checked my stats and figured out that I haven’t painted in 19 days! The last three things that I made (and am rea


Welcome to 2013 friends! We made it. No apocalypse. Now. SO… since we made it to the other side of 2012, let’s sta

2012 preview

2012 is shaping up to have a lot of stuff going on. bullet points: I have been working on a new website for Screen Ink which w


I was in my class yesterday and picked up this Logo Lounge book that was on the bookshelf – Initials and Crests. I was f

painting, re-cycling, logoing

I’m working on some painting stuff, these pieces are just working on color layering and getting used to working the brus

Flatofest poster

3 color screen-print on Cougar white 100#


Finally getting an update up… reorganized the studio, making collages and other stuff. Have a bunch of Suggested Drawing

Lincoln Calling 2010 Poster

Lincoln Calling 2010 Zoo Bar 2 color poster 12×16 cream 100# coverstock hand pulled at Castle Eyeskull Print Lab.

Killigans Website

Custom website design and WordPress theme developed as a companion to the Killigans "Honor" CD.