painting, re-cycling, logoing

I’m working on some painting stuff, these pieces are just working on color layering and getting used to working the brush on a vertical surface again. I have spent such a large part of this year working on illustrations laid flat on the work table. Getting into the “open” acrylics is next, and once I develop a workable exhaust hood option, working in Oil again.

I’m also working on a new project – a trailer. I’m re-cycling / re-using / re-building a salvaged kid-carrier style bike trailer into a usable multi-function wagon style trailer. I imagine using it to find groceries, go on salvage missions, and finding wood along the trails. We”ll see.

Also – I threw this new little Killigans logo idea together the other day- was inspired by a logo on the branding 10,000 lakes project… Hope it’s not too big of a rip. It was fun to draw the bones in Illustrator, which I am still slowly and painfully learning. Slowly.