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2014 in review

buy me? give me a home! getting to the end of 2014 here, I’m working on some analysis and planning for the future. This

Sept ’14 update

The F-BOMB show is over, and I must thank everyone who bought a piece! THANK YOU! Of course, I still have a ton of the “

F-Bomb and gone…

My little comic lettering collage obsession may be bearing an end… at least for one particular little word. The F-BOMB s

Love and F*ck

I guess I’m into word art right now! I’m kind of stuck on a particular word, but I’m thinking about branchin

Available Art

Had a few unsold pieces from my show at Screen Ink Gallery. I thought I’d post them here – in case you are interes

end of June update

I’m going to start working on some more regular updates, bi-weekly I suppose. I also want to start what Ryana has called

Darn those socks!

All puns aside- your socks look pretty haggard. They look like a used tire. They are discolored and worn, they have achieved a

The Big Announcement

“Sometimes you have to stop over-thinking things, bite the bullet, and figure it out as you go.” – Tim Ferri

art, artwork, and artshow info

I have been busily chugging away on art for a show coming up on May 2nd at Screen Ink in Lincoln NE. I am working on a series

spring is springing

follow me on Instagram- I’m posting a ton of stuff all the time. Fun. I’m posting sketches and weird things. Work-

lousy Smarch weather again

It’s (still) cold outside. Moving on, I’ve been having fun making art; inside. It’s been a month since I pos

shows announce

only 10 minutes into the new year (figuratively) and I already have two art shows to hype. Talk about excitement! The first wi

new year new gear

got the studio finished and ready to roll. so that’s good. I’ve got a lot of space to use. I finished up some Taco

new killigans video and more

I’m so happy to post the newest Killigans video that I just finished creating: we shot this back in May of this year, wh


ha, get it? yeah. It’s midpoint through October 2013 and I’ve been busy, too busy to accomplish any goals! I need

signs and cartoons

I have been inspired to make stuff recently. Signs and cartoons. I have always like old-timey signs and neon lights. It’