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Destroyer – or – how the internet is awesome

OK so you know how the internet is amazing and how everything that could exist does exist and the internet will find it for yo

lousy SMARCH weather

The spring was long and cold and I’m ready for summer. How’s about you? What’s happened in the past …

round things

I just checked my stats and figured out that I haven’t painted in 19 days! The last three things that I made (and am rea

McWib™, werewolves, et al

I finished up the McWib™ painting the other night. I think it turned out great. It has just enough good ideas and bad ideas an


Welcome to 2013 friends! We made it. No apocalypse. Now. SO… since we made it to the other side of 2012, let’s sta

illustrations, patches, paintings, printing

I am posting a ton of older illustrations to my etsy shop… here are some examples:

more stuff for sale, painting, gearing up to print

I’ve been adding a ton of stuff to the Etsy site- mainly Suggested Drawings, but also a bunch of EYESKULL™ merch, and so

etsy, sex on tap, and more

Hi how are you? #1. I finally made a store on I don’t know why it took me so long, it just did, and now I have

tacocat, a video and other new stuff

I came up with this cute lil’ guy last year, and it’s taken me a long time to produce some art. Well, the time is

eyeskull pro model

The Freestyle 50 skateboard art show is coming up this Friday- 50 skateboards, 50 artists! It’s going to be amazing. htt


A bunch of my Planets paintings will be at Zens for the month. Go see them, then buy them at reasonable prices between 2 and 8

2012 preview

2012 is shaping up to have a lot of stuff going on. bullet points: I have been working on a new website for Screen Ink which w

WTDT update

Just wanted to update the art show info with Mr. Peter Worth’s rad poster. I like it. The show is this coming Friday, Fe

Wired to Distant Things

Back in June 2010, Peggy Gomez emailed me to invite me to show art in February 2012 at the Tugboat Gallery in a group show wit


I was in my class yesterday and picked up this Logo Lounge book that was on the bookshelf – Initials and Crests. I was f

pretty colors

this is basically part two of that Isometric Color Generator post- I tweaked with the flash a bit more – and added anoth