July 1 update

1. I posted some more Suggested Drawings. Go check em out!

2. I will be showing my art at Screen Ink on August 5. Posters, prints and paintings. New stuff and maybe some old stuff too!

3. I have 1 (or 2) test prints in the Fuck Up print show, tonight at Screen Ink… check it out http://www.hearnebraska.org/content/fuck-your-first-friday-qa


4. I am working on a poster for the upcoming Big Business / Torche show at thew Waiting Room in Omaha on July 30. This will be available at their merch booth at the show… and from me after that.

There is probably more news but I can’t remember right now. I am thinking about sitting in the pool.

Here’s a drawing:

The guy is saying “Sorry, by the way, if I continually make you jealous with my iPad.” which is a direct quote I overheard of some pompous ass talking at lunch the other day.