long randomupdate

well, I was not able to get eyeskull.com ready in time for the May 1st Reboot but I have an awesome video courtesy Chris Kemp at videcormeum.com!!! the site will be repaired/relaunched as soon as tomorrow, Jebus willing.


I saw Social Distortion last night. It was fun. The weirdest thing is that from my vantage point at far stage left, Mike Ness looked an aweful lot like Don Rickles. Watch out Mike. Also, IMO guys should not ever wear eyeliner, ever, no matter how tough or old school they may be. ESPECIALLY if they are tough or old school. Eyeliner is for pop-punk wankers, goths, and other lamers. Zombie/corpse paint is OKAY, of course, but eyeliner? nah.


There were plenty of tattoo’d up freaks at the show, so that was nice. I saw some nice tribals (like maori tribals, not frat boy tribals), washy watercolor looking work, some regretable neck tattoos, some flat out ugly/bad work, and a few silly things that I hope were jokes. Also some kid had a Threadless tshirt design tattooed around his torso. Kind of cool. I am going to have to talk to the guys at Seductive Ink about getting some work done. Also- might have some talks with Iron Brush, and there has been talk of having a private tattoo party with Smokin’ Joe of GI. We’ll see.


I had a dream that I met Eazy-E last night. Eazy was friendly. He was wearing his customary sunglasses, black Compton hat, and huge plaid work shirt. We talked a bit about early 90’s gangsta rap. He honored me by referencing me with the controversial N word, and we rapped a bit of some songs from Eazy-Duz-It, which was a favorite of mine from my formative years.


One Step Ahead of Hell, the Killigans new album, is selling well. We did the CD release shows in Lincoln, which were awesome and tons of fun We played last weekend in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where a near riot occurred during our set, people were dancing on stage, drinks were being spilled and I understand a guy was doing the helicopter with his pants down… WTF? Craziness.


This weekend I’ll be running in the Lincoln Marathon. I’ll be running the 1/2 marathon this year, and training for the full thing next year. I will be happy to complete the 13 miles. I would be pleased as punch to finish in under 2.5 hours. We’ll see how it goes. My training has been up and down, as has my weight (fluctuating 7 lbs in 3 days?) but as long as the weather holds up, it should be a good run. I know a couple of other gents who will be running it, so that is fun.


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