more updates – now with pics

radio birdman mission of burma 

I got a tube on Saturday, and an envelope full of mini-prints I ordered.The tube is from one of my Sub Club trade friends- 2 really nice posters… the envelope is from DWitt– an illustrator in MN. I took him up on this offer on the classifieds page


Angel's ShowI printed a poster for an upcoming art show.  Only printed 16 total, so none of these are going to my Sub Club.


I worked up an idea for a poster I’ll be doing for the Spores show at Duffy’s. I took the idea further, now I don’t think I’ll use it as a poster, but a pair of art prints. It’s satire, we’ll see if I ever print it. It’s a monsterized Mickey and Minnie diptych.


I have taken some good shots of everything but keep forgetting to get them off the camera. Will do soon!