gospel of screenprintingI ordered a cool little booklet about screenprinting called “the Gospel of Screenprinting.” get it here: gigposters.com classified – I think it is pretty great- a great little handbook for a person interested in getting started. I believe the author’s site is this : http://tenfortyfive.org/.


 Ace V2 Tastee Inn & Out

In other news- printed a couple more signs, going to print a poster for an art show in the next few days, and probably #3 in the Food Toons series, “ChickenLegs.” Also have 2 or 3 collaborations on the board,a nd about a million other things I want to do, once I figure out a proper organization to the mix. I have 3 series ideas that I want to start, and a series of paintings as well. There is just not enough time in a week…