supercharge a hand sprayer


you probably have a hand sprayer like this at your sink


or maybe one like this that attaches to your shower. but these don’t put out the kind of PSI you need for getting dried crap off your plates or spaying emulsion out of a screen. you need to supercharge it with a little bit of your DIY skills and a little Gorilla Glue.


step one – take it apart, you don’t want to glue the damn thing shut, or break the end off, so be careful doing this, most hand sprayers are pretty poorly manufactured and should be easy to take apart.


step two- place your nozzle front down and add Gorilla Glue, being careful not to glue it to your table. I used a piece of tape. big deal.


step three, look to make sure the Gorilla Glue is not spreading to the holes you don’t want covered, then drink a cold one and watch the game.


step four, a couple of cold ones later, your nozzle end should be dry and ready for re-assembly.

step five – enjoy powerful spraying at much less the cost of a power washer.