sub club, an experiment

In June I posted on the forum this offer:

“If you are a Premium member and are interested, I will send you one of everything I make for the rest of 2006. For free. That includes gig posters, art prints, shirts, stickers, buttons and other stuff. I’m prepping to increase my creative output.
2 restrictions- you have to have a continental US mailing address (or not we can talk), and you have to send me something in return. We can discuss that later. Maybe a good microbrew from your locality or some good music to print to or something. Can you mail beer? Well anyway- you get the drift.”

tubes.jpgin my own head I dubbed this my 2006 sub club, and was excited to start doing tons of art. instead, my printer broke, I worked too much at my job, and I didn’t get much done.

so- the first week of August I mailed out a tube to each of the 14 people I accepted for the deal. The tube contained the only poster (Aug 26th Duffy’s poster)  I made in July, my new art print (Bowling Angel), and a couple of stickers.

I’ll make note of how progress goes for the rest of the year, and my prediction of a less than 50% return on my investment. We’ll see, maybe I’ll get suprised?