Wired to Distant Things

Back in June 2010, Peggy Gomez emailed me to invite me to show art in February 2012 at the Tugboat Gallery in a group show with Paul Tisdale and Victoria Hoyt. At the time, it seemed exceedingly far off in the future while also being quite an honor and surprise. I am happy to have been invited and hope that my work is up to the level it needs to be. I think it is.

Well, February 2012 is creeping up on us all, and the show is going to happen whether I’m ready or not. The good news is that I feel pretty ready. I have 9 pieces completed and I have around 6 more in the works, so I might have quite a lot to choose from. The final steps will be deciding what pieces to include and how to present my work. I haven’t made a frame for a painting in a long time, but this seems like the right time to start.

Paul, Victoria and I met a few weeks ago at the Coffee House to talk about the sho. We looked at some of each others art online and and talked what the name should be. We decided that we could discus it further online, and eventually came up with “Wired to Distant Things”. I think it’s a strong and evocative name for an art show. I hope that the official poster is great. Int the meantime, Paul made this flier so we could get it out into the world.

Show details-

“Wired to Distant Things”
Victoria Hoyt
Ben Swift
Paul Tisdale
First Friday – February 3
Tugboat Gallery
114 N 14th St
2nd Floor Parrish Bldg.