fall is here, time to make art

Summer just hasn’t been a very good season for me and art recently, and I’ve come to terms with that reality. I just prefer to spend my summer outdoors and in the sun, and not in the basement making art. Added to that the incredible lack of rainy days this year, and I spent literally no time in the studio. It gathered a lot of dust and cobwebs, which I need to clean up. But I digress.

As the sun recedes into autumnal darkness, I once again begin my wintering in the studio… by painting a series of word paintings, really big, on roll paper. It’s fun. So here are some pictures.

So there’s that. I guess I’m working through a series. We’ll see where that goes.

I’m also planning to do a bunch of screenprinting again. I have a lot of ideas. Need to get my system back up and running and pump them out.

OK- talk to you later.