I can’t believe it’s already September, update.

An amazing summer is rapidly ending, and I will be looking forward to the next one. Such a fun summer. Built a fence, got a pool, road bikes alot, went to Colorado twice, got a tan, had some BBQs, made some art, made some friends, etc…

Updating the site to a more basic style, something I can keep updated more easily and organized. Hopefully it works.

I will be showing new art in February at Tugboat. I am going to have new paintings. Should be fun!


OK- look at this weird house- the Green part is the original house, and the Yellow parts are additions… on stilts. I just don’t get it.

Typically- the view of this house is blocked by several rows of trains on the tracks in the foreground, so I’ve only actually seen it twice. The first time I did not stop to take a photo. It has been 2 months of waiting until I had a clear shot at it.

Weird eh?