mid June update

I took on some contract work with the Nelnet Marketing department working on interactive projects. So far – I have had to reacquaint myself with tables based design (for email templates); something I haven’t thought about in years! I have also been working closely with the other designers, creative director, and art director on ideating some new projects. There’s a 3 minute motion-graphic piece, a 30 second commercial, a website redesign, and a bunch of other things on the docket. It should be a fun month and a half or so!

The art is coming, the art is coming! With some of the proceeds of my art show, I’ve got my hands on a few more canvases of a variety of sizes from 24×24 to 30×40, so not as huge as the big ones in the show. I am working on compositions for them, and when and how to paint them. I am also about to print this Melvins poster finally-

I just got the positives back today, and will probably print Saturday if all goes well. A bit late for promotion, but they are mainly going to be merch for Melvins to sell at the show.