Site Redev

After many many moons of neglect- I’ve found a chunk of time to devote to moving and reworking the site into something that I am OK with using for the foreseeable future. Many of the problems I’ve encountered in keeping the site up to date and functional stemmed from using a lot of “extra” stuff that I didn’t have much control over- different plugins and scripts that would break or become non-compliant with the most recent version of WordPress (my website publishing platform of choice). So to take that part of the problem out of the equation I have used mainly custom (sometimes salvaged) code that I either wrote or modified and am able to update if needed. I basically re-used the template I use on, which is pretty much a modified version of the template I built for

At any rate- enough geek talk- I hope to be able to keep the site up to date much more easily and make it an easy to navigate and enjoyable site.

Now comes the hard part of actually updating the portfolio area!

Thanks for stopping by, let me what you think.