note to self

note to self:

* work on eyeskull– need to get new model/merch shots, product shots, post new photos, update scores, announce new special missions and contents, and finish the store, probably in shopify 

* work on new Killigans site- template to match new album, One Step Ahead of Hell. skin wimpy player and work that out, also modify upload script to be able to send shit to people’s phones. also upload and use slideshowpro to view flickr content instead of current crappy system

* work on the new sojh site- need to wrap that up soon and teach Nate how to update

* get seductive ink site into wordpress – register domain name – start getting tattoos

* get drunk and make friends on myspace, it is the only way you can stand to be on there for more than five minutes, and it makes you more curious to follow other people’s friend links.

* work on art – frame up those 1st 9 panels…