eyeskull going live… by feb 1

I’ve been working on a new site- eyeskull.com 


I guess it is a street-art campaign, but it’s also a user-input fueled game. It’s kind of like a photo treasure hunt, with one half of the photo provided by me, and the other half by the user.


It’s a … sticker distribution site, where users get free stickers, submit photos, and do special missions to get specific photos. Users get points for adding photos and commenting. Users can use points (eventually) to buy things. Users will also be rewarded for completing special mission.


I’ll also be selling some stuff on there.


I’m developing the site in Drupal (new to me) using a wide array of modules and administration controls. It is kind of tricky to put together, but I think I have most of the important multi-user, points earning functionalities working.


Have a look and let me know what you think. Hopefully you will be seeing eyeskull in your neck of the woods soon.