Brand New Prints, and Recently Uncovered Prints Available Soon!

I did several prints as a 2006 wrap up- some of which will be available real soon! I also did a thorough studio cleaning, and uncovered some exciting mono-prints and experiments that I had completely forgotten. All this and earth-shattering SALE prices on almost everything I made in 2006… COMING SOON!


Here are some sneak – peeks:

Double Marilyn monoprint

Double Marilyn

 Dollars - new photo

Dollars –
very limited edition

 Clown monoprint

Clown – monoprints

 Rampark III

Rampark III

 Rampark IV

Rampark IV


There are a ton of Rampark Mono prints too… and a Brand New EYESKULL print… the first ever of it’s kind… in Glow-in-the-Dark ink, no less. But I don’t have a photo of that yet. Will have all this stuff up for sale and new sale prices on all other prints… real soon!