bitmap data. Flash experiment

I was working on a transitional piece and decided to do some blocky stuff based on Flash’s bitmap data info… So this thing basically analyzes the bitmap you click the pink button over, in a 10×10 pixel grid, and then displays the color of the sampled pixel in an 8×8 square, positioned to reconstruct the original image in a pixelated way. You’ll need Flash 8 to view it…




the 4th button, the lower left-hand button, brings up the 3 most common colors, based on the numeric values of the pixels sampled.


anyway- it-s kind of a neat toy, I’ve been seeing similar kinds of things being used in all kinds of artistic ways. The thing I haven’t yet seen is a useful implementation of the bitmap data to really DO anything. it’s fun to mess with though.


click here to view it at full size.