Nov 1

Halloween turned out to be a lot of fun- without a clear plan of what to do for the evening, we hastily decided to stay home and give out candy. This would be the first stay-home-and-give-out-candy for Team Swift, and it needed to go off without a hitch! I ran to the store and grabbed several bags of candy, and then carved a quick Jack-O-Lantern for the holiday spirit. (Fortunately our friend Emily gave us a pumpkin a few weeks ago.) Ryana had lots of fun handing out candy to all the kiddos… and I shot some pics that didn’t turn out great!

Now for the other fun news, got to flip to a new month in my Dan Witz ‘Hummingbird’ desk calendar, which I got free with his ‘In Plain View’ book when I met him at his book signing in SF last winter. Yes, it is nice to see a new hummingbird for the month.