so I went to a conference last week and signed up for a give-away thing for Wacom. Monday, I got to work and had a message in my in-box that Wacom had UPS’d me something, and it will be here Thursday! pretty cool. I don’t remember what the prize is, and the message didn’t say, but I think it is a 4×6 Intuous tablet. that will be a nice thing to have around. I have a 6×9 Graphire at home, so another tablet will be cool.


also- I tried to install some new software on my computer, and everything went smoothly, until I tried to start up said software and it gave me a “User lisence has expired” notice. then I did “uninstall”- and it took close to 2 hours. what crap! – I’m going to try to re-install tonight. if that doesn’t work, I’m going to bangledesh.


also- my WordPress install on my “can I skate” blog is fucking up, and it is very annoying. I can’t make it work right. I want to load an older version, but I can’t find one, and finally, I don’t have time to deal with it. lame.