mid August update

I haven’t been making much new art recently. Partly because it’s summer, and it’s just not that fun to spend time in the dark basement, and partly because it’s summer and I’ve been busy doing summer things. I also built a privacy fence. With help.

I am about to start the Fall semester at UNL teaching the GRPH324 class again. I plan to focus more on aesthetic qualities of web design than on the technical stuff this semester. It will be a weird semester as the university has implemented the “bring your own computer” policy, and I assume I will have to be some kind of tech support as well as instructor. We’ll see.

I am gearing up to start a new focus in my artistic output, having done a lot of cute and “small” things in the recent year(s), I am inspired to take up some more “serious” art endeavors and am going to get back into the practice of observational and representational art. Mainly I want to move back into oil painting, but I am going to start with the practice of relearning how to make a still life, and how to do figure drawing. I want to master light and flesh.

Light and flesh seem like really hard things to do well, so I am taking that on. Wish me luck. I’ll be taking this class: