Melvins Poster – Des Moines

Melvins – House of Bricks – 2010
I made a poster for Melvins’ June 27, 2010, concert at House of Bricks, in Des Moines, IA.

The poster measures approximately 25×13 inches and is printed on white Cougar 100 lb. cover stock.

This is the first poster I have printed with my new setup, and there were a variety of challenges to overcome. Each print of this edition is different. I ran out of green ink, and ended up using orange as a substitute, therefor, some prints are green, some orange, and some are a combination. I also had a bunch of printing errors and it’s slightly out of registration. This is the poster that will look great hanging right over a doorway, a fireplace mantle, or possibly, your toilet.

I had a nervous breakdown; I think it looks great!

If you like posters that look like they were printed with robotic precision, do not buy this one. I numbered all of the posters in one edition, if you don’t like that, don’t buy it. I can’t promise you will get a color/combo that you want so don’t ask.

Edition of 45, Melvins got 35, I got 10, and have about 7 to sell.

Drawn, adjusted, revised, sepped, and hand printed by myself at the Castle Eyeskull Design Lab and Print Facility.

$15 includes shipping to the US only. International orders- please contact me for ordering details.