we're in business

[sspdc image=564 style=matrix]Big Business! Last week I noticed a space in Big Business’s tour schedule on May 19th – the fairly typical space that people in Nebraska notice all the time in bands’ tour shedules – the one that has a Minneapolis date and a Denver date with a day off in-between. Usually on a week-night (like this, a Tuesday) the bands take a day off and we don’t ever see them. I did not want this to happen, yet again! I jumped on the horn and notified local music people and a local venue (the Box Awesome) to see what could be done about it. Many people got to work and contacted the band and the band currently on tour with them, Tweak Bird, and, to make a story shorter, they confirmed the date last night. I made this quicky flier design so we can get them out ASAP, and I am also designing a poster which I will print Saturday… so stoked for this show!