flashbelt wrap-up

I just got back from an amazing conference- Flashbelt, in Minneapolis. http://www.flashbelt.com

On the one hand it was amazing and inspiring and energizing, on the other hand it made me look at the work I’ve done over the past couple of years in a new and less favorable light, and on one foot it makes me realize just how awesome the work I’m doing single-handedly really is, and on the other foot it makes me realize just how much more I need to / want to grow.

So, really a lot of different things going on here. Go check out the speakers page at the flashbelt site if you want to be awed.

edit — I guess WordPress doesn’t automatically link to URL’s anymore. that’s annoying. Also- there are supposed to be many line breaks to show the 3 seperate paragraphs in the above text, but I guess WordPress does not want to show those either.

here’s the link to Flashbelt: http://www.flashbelt.com