does hair dictate career?

web designergraphic designerIf any of you knew what I looked like, you would know that I look somewhat uncannily like this stupid graphic of the Web Designer with the wild fire-hawk. I have blue eyes, I like to keep my hair short, but long on top in a kind of spikey peak. But I don’t think that is the norm, any more than I think all Technicians are bald, all Accountants wear visors in a hip-hop lean, and all Graphic Designers wear berets.


It’s funny to me, when I see some dumb advertisement like this one for, and I recognize myself in the way someone has depicted my job role. Are Web Designers some kind of weird punk cult that all have the same haircut? And if so, is this an image/style that was presented to us in some subconcious way, (like seeing this ad when we check our email), and we internalized it and became it?


finally, what is up with our Engineer? Why the Hitler ‘stache, man? I don’t get it? And is Teacher giving me bedroom eyes? This ad is nuts!