$5 bill

“where’d you get five bucks? I want five bucks!” – Lisa Simpson

I found a 5 dollar bill this morning on my morning run. I was running past the art building on campus when I spotted it. It was lying flat on the sidewalk, face down. It looked old, as though it had been folded and worn, and had a dog’s ear on one corner.

I glanced around quickly to see if it was a trap, then scooped it up and folded it in half, and then half again, and stuck it in my pocket. I continued on my run.

I imagined all kind of senarios for why a 5 dollar bill would be on the ground, and my favorite is the one where some criminal type has a briefcase or dufflebag full of money and was running by and some money¬†blew out of the bag. I was hoping to find more errant bills, but I didn’t.

I started thinking about how I should have probably left the money there for some less fortunate person to find, or maybe I should go find a homeless guy to give it to, but then I realized¬†it was probably placed there by god for me to find because I’m such a great guy.