Double Marilyn, Neon Signs, Rampark – Now Here!

Pop on over to the “Store” and check out the beautiful Double Marilyn monoprints, or perhaps you are interested in the fabulous Neon Sign series, or the fantastic Rampark series? Also- there are still some Camel Soup and Mutant Mice sets available for you Johnny-Come-Lately types. All the good numbers are gone, like #1 (the best number), #7 (the luckiest number), #13 (unlucky), and #666 (evil), but there are still plenty of other good ones that will be worth just as much (or more) when I die. Get them while I’m still kicking and their market values are rock bottom!


Whatever your poison, I’ve got art to fit almost every budget, and pretty much any taste. Unless you really like uptight, academic, or overly-serious art, in which case I’m sorry I really don’t have much to offer you.