new posters, fun mail, etc…

halloweenPosterok sportsfans, I printed a Helloween poster for my friend’s Halloween show. It’s a benefit concert for KZUM, Lincoln’s community radio station. Super Happy Doom Time is the sponsor, so there are a bunch of rock, punk and metal bands on the show- should be a good time.


I am working on designs for  posters for Wayne “the train” Hancock and 10th Horse (11/19); the Briggs, Blood & Whiskey, and the Killigans (11/1); and WSP and Dirtfedd (11/10).


I have the next 2 Neon Signs ready to print, and I think I found another cool sign last week, have yet to shoot it. I have some art prints ready to go, another FoodToon, and a super secret series which I want to do a gallery exhibit with… we’ll see.


I got an awesome package in the mail from one of my sub-club members yesterday. I think there are a dozen prints, a couple of tiny books, and a bunch of great candy! Kit-Kat 2 Finger Orange, Kit-Kat Cruchy Peanut Butter? Only in the UK, baby! I will post pics soon of this bounty! edit – pics up in the Gallery.