lightbox, comments

TransAmI am testing out a JavaScript plugin called Lightbox JS which places linked photos above the current page, rather than opening in the same page of a new window. It does this through a neat little script that over-lays a transparent png file over the browser windwown, and positions a viewing window over it, and loads the photo. It’s a slick little script that uses CSS to make stuff look right. The nice thing is that someone made a WordPress plugin, so it’s completely automated. I don’t have to do a thing to get it to work!


Also- I decided to add comments, and I will turn them on, on some pages. I did not originally want to have comments because this page is mainly a one-way street. Not only do I not want to spend much time administrating the site content and writings, but I don’t want to spend time administering comments. But in the interest of appearing more friendly, I think I should turn them on some of the time. I have installed a little anti-spam plugin, which I hope will work well.


By the way, the image linked here is the album cover for Trans Am’s 1996 self titled first album. I suggest you follow that to the Thrill Jockey Records site and check it out. Electro-ccoustic fusion. It’s a really great album, and seeing them live at the Cog Factory changed my opinion of electronic music, probably forever.