Sept ’14 update

The F-BOMB show is over, and I must thank everyone who bought a piece! THANK YOU! Of course, I still have a ton of the “

F-Bomb and gone…

My little comic lettering collage obsession may be bearing an end… at least for one particular little word. The F-BOMB s

Love and F*ck

I guess I’m into word art right now! I’m kind of stuck on a particular word, but I’m thinking about branchin

end of June update

I’m going to start working on some more regular updates, bi-weekly I suppose. I also want to start what Ryana has called

round things

I just checked my stats and figured out that I haven’t painted in 19 days! The last three things that I made (and am rea

illustrations, patches, paintings, printing

I am posting a ton of older illustrations to my etsy shop… here are some examples:

$10 TACOCAT™ prints, patches, art prints

I added some TACOCAT™ prints to my ETSY store today. get em. HERE cheap as all hell at only $10 a piece. 5 different color b

more stuff for sale, painting, gearing up to print

I’ve been adding a ton of stuff to the Etsy site- mainly Suggested Drawings, but also a bunch of EYESKULL™ merch, and

Big Business – Torche – Helms Alee

printed this poster for the Big Business – Torche – Helms Alee show tomorrow night in Omaha, at Waiting Room. it t


Finally getting an update up… reorganized the studio, making collages and other stuff. Have a bunch of Suggested Drawing

OWLEYE series 1

I have finished printing, cutting, and numbering the first series of OWLEYE prints. This series is Red Yellow Blue. Set I R

OWL EYE art prints

I’m starting a new series of art prints based on this geometric form I have been a bit obsessed with for the past couple

Doom Time Halloween poster

I just finished up a fun new poster project for the DOOM TIME radio show’s annual Halloween bash. This year, there are 1

Melvins – HoB

I was lucky enough to get to work on a poster for Melvins again to help promote their upcoming show at House of Bricks in Des

stuff for sale!

Just posted several things new and old for sale. Recent posters as well as some old art prints. Have moved and cleaning the st

Eyeskull Skateboards

Eyeskull Skateboards  – Regular and TEAM designs spray enamel and acrylic on skateboard 2009 Two custom Eyeskull Skateb