Patterns II – art print

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This is the second print I’ve made with this concept- create a pattern that can be turned and repeated to make the pattern “complete” itself. I have created one pattern, that when turned 90 and 180 degrees, creates a wide range of awesome patterns. This print is 3 colors, basically using the primary color palette to create a full spectrum. I will probably create more patterned pieces in the future, but this print will not be reproduced.

This piece is a single screen, printed 3 directions, with 3 inks. The resulting patterns, colors, and over-print effects are quite  pleasing to the eye. The piece reflects all of the exquisite properties of a hand-made screen-print. Imperfections inherent in the process of screen-printing manually are not only welcomed, but encouraged. That said, this edition has been hand-picked as the best quality prints of those rendered.

“Patterns II” is a 3-color Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered, Hand-printed serigraph with an edition of 10, never to be reprinted. Each piece is hand made by the artist.

Print Quality: hand-screened using yellow, magenta, and cyan ink colors. perfect. mint.

Paper: Approx 12×12 inches, white color 100lb, acid free archival paperstock.

Date of release: December 2014

Signed: x/1o SWIFT ’14

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