Freedom to Be Dumb

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Let freedom ring. This design spring from a sketchbook idea I had earlier this year. Freedom, free dumb, freedom to be dumb. Look around you and bask in the dumbness of the freedom of people. It’s exquisite. The internet has become a clearing-house of dumb, before you had to experience it in real life or wait for Bob Saget to quip about it on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Now we are able to easily access the dumb 24-7 on TV and the interwebs. I thank the people who invented these technological miracles for hastening the dumbenning.

Well, enough about that, let’s talk about this print. Like I said, the design came out of a notebook sketch, then it got weirder, then it got better, then right when I was on the cusp of ruining it, I made it great instead. It’s a 4 color screen-print on 100 lb. bright white cover stock, the paper is 18×12 and frames up nicely.

Hand-printeby me, signed and numbered edition of 25.

I envision this in a gold frame with an eagle on top, so as soon as I find one of those, I’m re-framing it.

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