some old shit

I spent some time this weekend cleaning our office – we removed this big storage cabinet which had housed a bunch of jun

twanky, animation, webcomics

First, here’s a painting: The genesis of this painting was a sketch I drew in my appropriately named “sketch book&


Welcome to 2013 friends! We made it. No apocalypse. Now. SO… since we made it to the other side of 2012, let’s sta

bad ink, LNK stuff, inspirations

I didn’t have a great first experience with Jacquards “Professional Quality” Screen Printing Ink – I t

illustrations, patches, paintings, printing

I am posting a ton of older illustrations to my etsy shop… here are some examples:

$10 TACOCAT™ prints, patches, art prints

I added some TACOCAT™ prints to my ETSY store today. get em. HERE cheap as all hell at only $10 a piece. 5 different color bac

more stuff for sale, painting, gearing up to print

I’ve been adding a ton of stuff to the Etsy site- mainly Suggested Drawings, but also a bunch of EYESKULL™ merch, and so

etsy, sex on tap, and more

Hi how are you? #1. I finally made a store on I don’t know why it took me so long, it just did, and now I have

tacocat, a video and other new stuff

I came up with this cute lil’ guy last year, and it’s taken me a long time to produce some art. Well, the time is

fall is here, time to make art

Summer just hasn’t been a very good season for me and art recently, and I’ve come to terms with that reality. I ju

eyeskull pro model

The Freestyle 50 skateboard art show is coming up this Friday- 50 skateboards, 50 artists! It’s going to be amazing. htt

View from the trail.

View from the parking lot Saturday afternoon

new paintings

I’ve been working on a new series of paintings on paper. They are matte latex paint on 19×25 Cougar white 100# cove


A bunch of my Planets paintings will be at Zens for the month. Go see them, then buy them at reasonable prices between 2 and 8

2012 preview

2012 is shaping up to have a lot of stuff going on. bullet points: I have been working on a new website for Screen Ink which w