Olsson Associates – Landscape Planning website

A practice-specific website for Olsson Associates. Design concept was to create a variation on the parent site design, for mem

Stony Brook Homes website

Site design for custom home builder. Design concept was based on the concept of earth and sky. The site features an Flash comp

Husker Surveying logo

Husker Surveying logo - based on the concept of their business: surveying and mapping the land from equipment from airplanes.

Olsson Associates Website

Landing page and interior designs for Olsson Associates. Design concept was to integrate the website with existing marketing m

Killigans Live at Zoo Bar packaging

Packaging design and layout for the Killigans "Live at the Zoo Bar" CD. The concept for the exterior is that of colorful satur

Reliant Studios Branding

Logo and Identity package for Reliant Studios. The concept is based on a camera shutter.

Jamungo.com website

Full Flash website front end dynamically connected to a WordPress install. Highly customized WP template feeds straight XML to

killigans apparel

Variety of apparel designs for the Killigans.

Landscapes Unlimited website

Full Flash front-end for a CMS backend. Designed by Lance Ford - I handled the motion design, Flash development, and Yahoo map

EyeMotion eye health animated video series

I created a series of eye health educational animation videos for EyeMotion in 2006-2007. The still art and voice-over were pr

Leadership Resources website

Full Flash site centered around video narration explaining Leadership Resources' services and expertise. The testimonials sect

Ideal Cleaners apparel

Apparel designs for Ideal Cleaners. Ideal Cleaners

SOJH Six Stories CD packaging

Layout, photography and design for SOJH's "Six Stories" EP. Concept based on used novels. 2006

Killigans Brown Bottle Hymnal packaging

Packaging design for the Killigans "Brown Bottle Hymnal" - 2006. The concept for the front cover and CD art was based on brand

Urraca apparel

Apparel and skateboard designs for Urraca.

Urraca logo

Logo design for upstart clothing company.