etsy, sex on tap, and more

Hi how are you?

#1. I finally made a store on I don’t know why it took me so long, it just did, and now I have to fill it up with all the great stuff I’ve made that is just gathering dust in the basement instead of being appreciated by people who appreciate things. So far I have only listed about 25 of my Suggested Drawings, but I will soon be posting the other 30 or so, plus a bunch of other stuff, new and old, and in-between. I will probably post some kind of deal or coupon or free shipping code so be paying attention. Black Friday is followed by Small Business Saturday, and if my business isn’t small, I don’t know what is. At any rate follow this link and buy stuff for people for gifts :

#2. Here’s a painting that I finished recently called SEX ON TAP. It’s about snakes. Or is it?


#3. Here’s a video I made. It’s pretty awesome. There is an explosion at the beginning, so make sure your speakers are up all the way if you want to blow them out!