new art – art show – April 3rd

The good people of Box Awesome are letting me show some of my latest work in April! The opening is next Friday, April 3rd starting at 6pm. I’ll have a bunch of new works on paper and canvas, some prints, some small watercolor pieces (cartoons/illustrations), and whatever DUDE prints I have left, all for sale at very reasonable prices. I was going to call the show “Cheap Art for Cheap People” but I thought that was kind of a lame title. I’m calling it “Ben Swift is the Most Important Artist of His Generation” instead. Just kidding.

One of the MOST exciting things about the show is that after the opening, some kick-ass bands are going to play from 9pm – 1 am. The lineup is rather extraordinary if you ask me:
Little Brazil, Techlepathy, Domestica, and Bloodcow. Diverse and packed with AWESOMENESS.

I am super stoked.

Here’s an example of some of the new stuff I’m doing on paper. I’m not 100% where I’m going with this new direction, and I feel like I am really only on the edge of where I will be heading. I am exploring color and shape, and for this show, most of the work is centered on using a couple of shapes from commercial pop culture, (to be specific: the circular Pepsi logo and shield shaped Miller High Life logo), and combing them with stenciled letters and numbers to create something abstract and appealing. These paintings are 18×24 or 19×24 on paper.


I’ll post some images of the smaller works and a flier/poster soon.

edit: and here it is: