Dude 2nd Edition… blues

2nd edition on the left... obviously

2nd edition on the left... obviously

I hate it when you find a product you like, you buy it dutifully for years, and then the manufacturer changes something about it and fucks it all up. It happened to me with Converse One-Stars when they changed the insole in the mid 90’s. It happened to me last year, when Nike changed the footbed of the Nike Free. And now it’s happened with my ink.

I have been using Versatex Neon Blue since ’06 for all kinds of effects, and it’s always been there for me, consistent from one can to the next, so much so that I could change in the middle of a print run, with no ill-effect. Well no more, the last time I stopped at Gomez Art Supply I was like “where is it?” and asked Peggy (the owner and awesome artist and person) about it. She pointed to a regular dark blue looking can and said “that’s it.” It’s no longer “NEON BLUE” and though it’s a Bright blue, it’s way closer to a PMS 300 M than Neon.

But enough about that – maybe it’s just a mess up at the factory. I should probably do some homework of my own before I go and disown them over this.

As for the Dude 2nd ed. – It’s a little richer over-all. The red is richer, the blue is richer, the dark color is richer. I don’t think the “richness” really has any effect on the image, it’s just richer. I’ll post more photos when they have been signed and such. I have finished printing and cutting them, now I’m in the process of figuring out the edition, and doing the rest of that. I will probably release the 2nd ed. on Monday or Tuesday of next week. To quote somebody “Don’t Sleep!” but you can sleep until Monday at least.