killigans artwork

So I did the artwork for the new Killigans album, One Step Ahead of Hell, and here is a preview of the cover:

One Step Ahead of Hell albul cover

┬áthe artwork as a whole is … pretty good I think. I hope it prints as well as I think it will. The “theme” for the cover was kind of a combination of a lot of things- WWII fighter plane graphics/colors, a custom skull wallpaper pattern I made, having everything slightly off kilter and dirty, and using the griffin logo again as an emblem, and including a bunch of photos into the fold. This time around we went for a standard “jewel case” instead of the “eco sleeve” we used on Brown Bottle Hymnal. Hopefully everything looks great and we have them next week! we’ll see!

I am working on a new Killigans website to match the “theme” of the album graphics. it needs to be overhauled badly!