art update

pizzafaceI decided that TacoHead would be lonely, so I decided to create some friends for him. First friend is named PizzaFace and is a great guy, they probably go bowling together. I’ve decided to call the series Food-Toons for now. I’ll post a pic soon.

In other news- I’ve got a couple more images ready to go in my Neon Signs series. I’ll be printing these at 6×9 from now on, and probably in CMY only. The Ace sign may get reprinted to match format. There are only a few other signs around here worth doing, many of which are non-functioning at night, so I’ll have to start searching.


I’ve got preliminary work done for a couple of new series ideas on shoes, doors, celebrities, and art itself… More news as I get closer to defining those more clearly.


I got a great tube this week from one of my sub club pals. Images below!

dunny white mice sticker_thing.jpg white_mice.jpg